State of Reflection

If it’s December, ’tis the season to remember. I can’t help it, but this time of year tends to lull me into a state of reflection. And for the past couple of years, it’s helped me to compile a list of highlights from the last year, reminding me of several reasons to be thankful.

As I reflect upon the year’s highlights, I am reminded of how I’ve grown in my life, including the journeys I’ve traveled, books I’ve read, relationships I’ve cultivated and yes, gadgets I’ve gotten, among other things. I am not sure what it says about me but I have realized upon closer introspection that when my life needs rejuvenating, I tend to read a book, buy a gadget or go on a trip.

For example, when I craved a breakthrough recently, my reaction was to order some books off Amazon for a creative jumpstart, buy an iPod Touch for connectivity on the fly and experience a shared dream by celebrating the holidays in New York City with my beloved wife.

While in New York, I was inspired by the sketching of an art student at a museum to finally get a Moleskine notebook myself. And it was while snapping pictures there that I decided to spring for a Leica camera to develop my interest in photography. With my latest creative cache in mind, I collated a photo album of my favorite things for perusal at my gallery.