The Way Life Should Be

I recently read that according to happiness research, the place we live ranks as the strongest contributor to our overall happiness. And I think it must be at least in the top three for us personally, if not at the top. Linda and I started our journey of a more mobile lifestyle five years ago and we agree that it has turned out even better than we anticipated. 

We made our motto “minimize to mobilize” in order to travel and explore the leasing life in short term engagements that allow us the flexibility to enjoy special places that we otherwise may not be able to afford if we tried to buy a home there. And our latest stop on the itinerary has landed us in the beautiful state of Maine, whose motto is “Maine: The Way Life Should Be.” 

As I researched moving here I came across a thought-provoking advertisement in the Maine relocation guide that read: “We seem so preoccupied with filling space. This is a place where the space fills you.” And we have found that to be true. One thing that contributes to that feeling is the fact that billboards actually are outlawed here. 

The lack of visual clutter not only helps Maine consistently rank as the most peaceful state in the union but it also lessens commercialism’s assault on our attention, which is the way life should be. So why am I sharing these thoughts with you? To encourage each of you to at least consider exploring alternative modes of simpler living, even if it only involves moving to another state of mind.