Mobile Avenue

I was working the other day at one of my homes away from home, a local Panera Bread near my wife’s office, and I had just headed outdoors to get some fresh air when I noticed that it is located on…wait for it…Mobile Avenue. How ironic is that? If that isn’t a “sign” of the times, I don’t know what is!

What Panera has figured out that the Starbucks across the street hasn’t yet is that unlimited Internet access is the drawing card for countless professional nomads like myself who are looking for a cool, cozy place to conduct business. It was only my second visit to that particular location and both times I bumped into friends of mine who are also consultants needing convenient offsite meeting space and good coffee.

Thankfully, twenty-first century technology gives us a type of mobility that was unfathomable even a few years ago. For example, upon my discovery of the street sign for Mobile Avenue I was able to snap a photo of it with my cell phone and forward it to my laptop computer wirelessly via Bluetooth technology for posting on my blog.