Living From Your Sweet Spot

If you are like me and you long to live from your sweet spot in life, then The Truth About You: Your Secret to Success is a must-read. Among its several thought-provoking statements is this gem: “your strengths aren’t what you’re good at and your weaknesses aren’t what you’re bad at.” In other words, if you are good at something yet you feel drained while doing it, then it is a weakness rather than a strength, suggests the author.

From its sleek metallic-colored cover to its inclusion of an enhanced DVD, this latest title from bestselling business author Marcus Buckingham is designed to be an interactive learning experience, complete with a memo pad for jotting insights while reading.

At slightly more than 100 pages, the text part of the package makes for a quick read. However, the author suggests watching the DVD before reading to fully absorb the content in context. The 22-minute film features the story of a boy named Ewan who identifies his strengths by replacing three common myths with revolutionary truths.

The enclosed memo pad includes pages for writing down “I loved it” moments during the day to help identify strengths and “I loathed it” moments to help identify areas of weakness. The book naturally appeals to the college- and career-aged, but people of all ages can glean from the wisdom of its words and the meaning of its message.