The Nomadic Lifestyle

I must credit Fast Company for once again serendipitously guiding me to some cool content about the intersection of life and technology, which I study and write about. The reference in question is the Web site at, which was listed as a blog of the month in the latest issue.

As I perused several intriguing postings, I discovered the link to an article titled “Where Neo-Nomads’ Ideas Percolate: New ‘bedouins’ transform a laptop, cell phone and coffeehouse into their office.” What I liked so much about the article was how it depicted the nomadic lifestyle made possible by today’s technology, a trend whose time has come and that I’ve personally adopted as my own.

Adding to my ability to work when and where I like is my recent acquisition of a Vespa scooter. It is incredibly fun and enables me to tote my laptop and cell phone to my favorite cafes in style. Like my Macintosh, it comes clad in a cool color called Excalibur Grey, and, also like my Mac, it is elegantly designed and simple to use, a synthesis of form and function.