Simplicity by Design

I never really thought much about design until I read a recent article about it in my favorite magazine, Fast Company. And it got me to thinking about how much design has actually influenced many of the major purchases I've made in my life.

From my Nokia cellphone to my Apple laptop to my Honda sedan, design has played an overwhelmingly influential, if somewhat subconscious, role in my decision making. As I thought about what my personal buying habits suggest an affinity for, the word that came to mind is: simplicity.

Indeed, one of Honda's advertising campaigns used "simplicity" as its unique selling proposition. And anyone even remotely familiar with technological trends is aware of how design simplicity has helped to make Nokia and Apple leaders in their respective fields of creativity.

None other than agent provocateur Tom Peters has suggested that design is THE differentiating factor in the marketplace of today. For more insights about the role of design, especially as it relates to simplicity, I suggest visiting and