Wowed by Apple

I had such an amazing experience with Apple today that I had to blog about it. Four weeks ago today I became the proud owner of an Apple G4 PowerBook and was loving it all the way up until I noticed a couple of days ago that some of the paint was starting to come off the button used to open the laptop. I called my local Apple store representative immediately and the guy I spoke to assured me that it could be fixed in-house.

However, once my wife and I made the nearly hour-long trip to the store [to also attend a FREE class], I was informed that it would need to be shipped off to be repaired, which I wasn't wild about. Upon noticing my chagrin at the prospect of being without my new laptop for several days, the fellow went to speak with the store manager and soon returned to inform me that he was authorized to give me a NEW laptop in exchange for my defective one.

It's not every day that I am WOWED by a customer service experience, but I left that store today an Apple evangelist. My wife, who is a customer service manager herself, was equally stunned at the length to which Apple was willing to go to create an overwhelmingly satisfied customer. In addition to posting this blog, my wife and I both plan to relate our thanks to the store manager and to share our experience with others.