Taming Technology

I finally joined the twenty-first century and upgraded from dial-up to high-speed Internet. It has gone relatively smoothly, with a couple of kinks yet to be ironed out. But it has left me thinking anew about the place of technology in my life. For example, in exchange for all the extra speed I gained with the upgrade, I also spent considerable time contacting tech support personnel for assistance with the process.

In the long run, the transaction will be well worth it, I am convinced. Yet I can’t help but wonder how much longer I could have made do with the old-fashioned technology. I am no Luddite: one who is averse to all types of technology, no matter the convenience it offers. It’s just that I rather like living simply, particularly when it comes to taming the tentacles of technology. For I’ve realized that it may make life easier, but not necessarily simpler.

Technology has afforded me the luxury of being able to do the work I enjoy virtually anywhere in the world, as long as I am connected via phone and computer. And with the growth of wireless services, I am greatly anticipating the time I will be freed from the tangle of wires that encumber me. But even as the day approaches, I plan to keep the number for tech support handy in case of emergency.