The Art of Creative Living

I read the latest book by famed “Painter of Light” Thomas Kinkade, called The Art of Creative Living: Making Every Day a Radiant Masterpiece. The book is the sequel to his bestselling title Lightposts for Living: The Art of Choosing a Joyful Life, a personalized copy of which I proudly own. I must admit Kinkade’s romantic vision of the simple life resonates with me personally and it is one that I seek to experience daily. Both of the artist’s books spoke to me on a deep level, but the riches of the latest one are most freshly on my mind.

In an effort to capture the essence of the book, I enclose here a brief excerpt from Kinkade’s luminous writing: “I have come to believe that in an expansive sense, creativity is God’s highest calling. The call to creativity isn’t complicated. It could be a life’s work or a ministry for the moment. Whatever your occupation or daily responsibilities, once you discover your special creative calling and begin to fill in life’s canvas, you’ll be on the way…to an experience of creative living that is your own work of art…a masterpiece.”